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Did the Chief Planning Officer know

The Chief Planning Officer committed himself to paper twice:-

First, in his police witness statement in 1992, and
second, in his affidavit defending my civil litigation in 1993.

There are major differences between the two.

Police witness statement are privileged documents
which are only released into the public domain in court cases,
where they are usually only seen by prosecution and defence.

So Tim Wilmot would be extremely unlikely to ever read his statement.

However it was released to Tim Wilmot by a stroke of luck,
when he asked the Crown Court 1n 1993
for Detective Inspector Draper's 1992 Police Report to the CPS.


Police witness statement -27 APR 92

6.1a    I believe I first became aware of this particular application on 28 SEP 88,
6.1b    following a discussion with my officers concerning the 190 items of business
6.1c    due to be heard on 03 OCT 88 at a Planning Committee Meeting.



16.3a.    However, I personally had no knowledge at this stage of the Plaintiff
16.3b.    or the receipt of his application for planning permission for land at Target Tip
16.3c.    and I had no reason to interfere
16.3d.    in the way in which the application was being handled
16.3e.    by the Area Planning Officer and his case officers.

16.4a.    Specific planning applications only come before the Chief Planning Officer
16.4a.    where they become potentially or actually complicated or controversial.


The Chief Planning Officer avoids stating when he first knew!

The Chief Planning Officer wishes you to believe
that a major seven acre out-of-town retail commercial development,
situated in a green gap he was known to favour,
was NOT of a highly controversial nature in planning terms,
and only came to his attention
just five days before the Planning Meeting at which it was to be heard.

You are asked to consider if this is likely.

The Chief Planning Officer goes on to say:-

16.5a.    On reading the report prior to the Planning Committee
16.5b.    I would have been concerned that the potential safety risk
16.5c.    was not specified as a reason for refusal.

Please note The Great Gas Deception.

Petrol stations have been built on landfill sites -
as have housing estates, industrial parks, and so on.

As long as you are aware that gas exists,
and put in place proper preventative measures,
any piece of land that was formerly a landfill site, can be built on.

The Chief Planning Officer's mind is fixed on securing refusal,
so, to him, any gas means refusal.

The absurdity of that position
is documented by Mike Bullock,
Caradon District Council's Principal Environmental Health Officer -
click here - then click 'Back'.

Needless to say, this document was ignored
by both Caradon District Council and Devon & Cornwall Police.

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