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Alan Hartridge's Great Gas Deception exposed


If you are willing to understand what it says,
one short document
( below these comments putting it in context)
undermines every lie told by council and police,
in their massive criminal conspiracy cover-up.

This is not exaggeration -
it is plain fact

This document proves beyond all doubt
that the ENTIRE Caradon District Council position
on Tim Wilmot's planning application
is a fraud.

To protect this fraud,
council and police destroyed Tim Wilmot,
and bulldozed to the ground
the home of District Councillor Tony Knott of Calstock.

In planning terms,
the destruction of both Tim Wilmot and Tony Knott,
was internal manipulation of the planning procress,
orchestrated by Alan Hartridge.

Properly understood,
this should result in criminal charges upon Hartridge.

The document below is a Caradon District Council internal memo
Principal Environmental Health Officer from JAN 89,
to the Chief Planning Officer,
Alan Hartridge.

Hartridge is the man who set this saga in motion,
by deliberately misrepresenting Tim Wilmot
to the Planning Committee Meeting of 03 OCT 88,

contrary to instructions given to him by Tim Wilmot,
just 30 minutes before.

Having FAILED to get the application withdrawn,
and fearful that his misrepresentation -
having been noticed by District Councillor Gerald Pengelly -
would be reported to Committee,
Hartridge lowered his "refusal at any costs" demands,
and offered the Committee a route to approval.

The Committee accepted Hartridge's offer,
and voted by 16 to nil to approve.

Angry before the Meeeting
( by Tim Wilmot's refusal to withdraw ),
and livid enough to attempt misrepresentation,
this wonderful example of government Power in Action -
faced with an approval vote
that HE HIMSELF had offered to the Committee -
was now
so far consumed by his rage,
to order the Planning Committee Minutes falsified -
two serious criminal offences.

Falsification of a pubic record,
and conspiracy
( as it required the assistance ( willing or ordered )
of the Committee Clerk.

Hartridge then set about
reversing the democratic decision of the Planning Committee
by lies and deceit,
keeping Tim Wilmot completely in the dark.

All of this is easily proveable,
were honest council and police available.

Here is concrete written proof
that Alan Hartridge's landfill gas interest
was a mere smokescreen deception
to conceal Alan Hartridge's malicious intent of refusal at any cost.

A document in the possession of Detective Inspector Colin Draper,
but either not understood,
or deliberately ignored and concealed.

The two memos ( and two very similar )
were found in the Police Report to the CPS evidence file in 1994.

Tim Wilmot's concepts
( which Hartridge refused to listen to )
were so perfectly reasonable,
they had secured support of the Environmental Health Department.

The previous Principal Environmental Health Officer,
John Inman,
had also been entirely in agreement,
but lied in his police witness statement
( one of many ).

Tim Wilmot publicly acknowledges Mike Bullock
for his integrity and courage
in standing up for The Truth
against Hartridge ( Planning ),
and Tolley ( Solicitor ).

Had Tim Wilmot not gained possession
of Devon & Cornwall Police's lying Report to CPS,
he would never have gained sight of Bullock's memos,
or Hartridge's immediate refusal to discuss the matter,
and setting "blocking" in place.

Here, in one document, is The Truth.

Understand this,
and all of Caradon's and Police's puny lies -
there to conceal serious criminal offences -

Then you will understand
why Devon & Cornwall Police used Special Branch
to destroy Tim Wilmot
before he could reach a "justice" they own.


To:           A HARTRIDGE, Director of Planning
From:     M W BULLOCK, Principal Environmental Health Officer

14 JAN 91


1a.    On 10 JAN 91 I met with Mr WILMOT
1b.    and Colin BREWER of the County Council Waste Disposal Office
1c.    on site at Callington.

2.1a.    Mr WILMOT has plans to set up a recycling centre,
2.1a.    i.e. selling off reclaimed bricks and hardcore etc.,
2.1a.    together with a plant nursery.

2.2a.    Mr BREWER informed him
2.2b.    that there will inevitably be methane present on the site
2.2c.    but there would be no problem in this respect
2.2d.    if Mr WILMOT restricts his buildings
2.2e.    to ones which are portable and raised off the ground
2.2f.    or open structures with no appreciable sides which could trap gas.

3.1a.    Mr WILMOT seemed happy with this
3.1b.    and intends to submit a detailed application.

3.2a.    On receipt of this,
3.2b.    Mr BREWER suggests you write to him for his comments,
3.2c.    which he can readily make now that he has inspected the site.

4.1.    My own observations are in accordance with Mr BREWER's.

4.2a.    Additionally it will be necessary
4.2b.    to provide a reasonable surface for paths, drives and car parking,
4.2c.    since the ground is very boggy.

4.3a.    Tarmacadam would be unsuitable because of the build-up of gas beneath it;
4.3b.    loose gravel or chippings would be more suitable.

5a.    A sealed tank needs to be employed for sewage collection
5b.    which can then be emptied by tanker periodically;
5c.    the ground is too waterlogged for a septic tank
5d.    and there is a stream running under the tip.



Everything that Tim Wilmot had agreed with Harvey
as the basis for a detailed application on 29 NOV 88, is here.
Now read on to see the Chief Planning Officer's immediate reaction ....



To:         Director of Community Services
              For the attention of the Assistant Director ( Environmental Health )
From:    Director of Planning Services

21 JAN 91

Mr T WILMOT, Target Tip, Callington

1.1a.    I was very surprised to read your memorandum dated 14 JAN 91
1.1b.    in view of the past advice from your department on this subject.

1.2a.    As you know the Director of Administration, Mr TOLLEY,
1.2b.    advises the Council on recent issues concerning Mr WILMOT.

2a.    Unfortunately I am away from my office at the moment,
2b.    but I would be grateful
2c.    if you could discuss the contents of your memorandum with Mr TOLLEY
2d.    in my absence.


Director of Planning Services

( Dictated by the Director and signed in his absence )


The point is simple -
at all costs Tim Wilmot must NOT be able to prove
that his position over landfill gas in 1988 / 1989 was entirely reasonable,
because it reveals at a stroke
how unreasonable the Chief Planning Officer's position was.
It would be interesting to have been a fly on the wall
when Bullock spoke with Tolley!

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