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Tim Wilmot cross-examines father

Tim Wilmot suggests
that the Special Branch blackmailer knew exactly what he was doing,
becaue cross-examining his ownfather
was one of the hardest things Tim Wilmot has ever done.

Tim Wilmot had succeeded in totally destroying
a second "Threats to Kill" charge,
because the Caradon District Council Chairman, Eric Distin
( well-known SE Cornwall estate agent ),
was presented as a pillar of authority,
whereas Tim Wilmot had intelligence upon Distin's personal behaviour
that utterly demolished his credibility in the jury's eyes.

To destroy Tim Wilmot's father in the same way,
was simply not possible for Tim Wilmot as a son to do,
because that is a position no son who loves his father
should ever be placed in by crooked police.

Let us recap on the situation.

Tim Wilmot's father,
driven by the fear instilled in him by blackmail,
that police would Section his son under the Mental Health Act,

applied massive and unrelenting pressure upon Tim Wilmot to quit,
over many months.

As proof of the effectiveness of Special Branch's lie,
Tim Wilmot's family all believe what Tim Wilmot's father told them,
that Tim Wilmot actually, or potentially, was mental.

Over time, it seems that most of the people
that Tim Wilmot knew from his childhood and early manhood
have bought into the same story.

People tend to believe authority,
unless and until they have a catastrophic personal experience
that demonstrates in a deeply painful learning-curve,
that authority is deeply corrupt.

This is why Tim Wilmot is exiled from the place of his birth.

Tim Wilmot was found Guilty of the charge
because he did not know enough about the precise law used.

Even without knowledge of the Special Branch blackmail,
Tim Wilmot could have been found Not Guilty.

The barrister was clever in his examination of Tim Wilmot
( later, as Judge Chubb,
he was burnt to death in extraordinary karmic circumstances -
"What you put out, comes back!" ).

Chubb asked a question Tim Wilmot had never considered.

"When you made these Threats to Kill to your father,
did you intend
that your father would believe you would act upon them?"

Up until that moment,
Tim Wilmot had always considered
that he had done EXACTLY the right thing,
which was to vent massive anger safely upon an object of no value,
and then continue teaching himself civil litigation.

Beyond that,
he had never given it a thought.

Bearing in mind
that Tim Wilmot's father absolutely refused
to understand anything
about the cause of any of these events,
in the split second in which Tim Wilmot formed his reply,
he considered his father's lack of comprehension,
and how much Tim Wilmot wished
that his father would finally have taken an interest,
if only he had listened
to what we could now, in 2011,
call the hidden message behind the outburst:-

"Get off my back,
and notice that your son needs help to defeat corrupt police!"

Please remember
that when Tim Wilmot was venting his anger upon the bucket,
he was in no way sending any message towards his father.

Tim Wilmot had reached breaking-point,
and had successfully and safely released the pressure in just 30 seconds,
after which he had full self-control.

Bear in mind
that Tim Wilmot had plenty to be angry about,
and to fully vent such frustration so effectively, so fast,
actually suggests someone in very good shape mentally.

Tim Wilmot's elderly 70 year old father,
manipulated by Special Branch blackmail,
and already fearful for his son,
far from seeing this safe release of tension as positive,
saw it as confirmation that Special Branch was right.

With the benefit of hindsight,
Tim Wilmot recognises how much he wanted his father on his side,
how much it hurt that he opposed him,
and how that affected the reply he gave barrister Andrew Chubb.

Tim Wilmot wished that his safely-directed so-called "Threats to Kill"
had caused his father to come onto his side,
and said so.

Tim Wilmot had naively believed
that the case was simply
"Did you, or did you not, make "Threats to Kill?"

Instead, it hinged on
"When you made these Threats to Kill to your father,
did you intend
that your father would believe you would act upon them?"

Again, Tim Wilmot believes that his reply was karmicly-driven,
to put his life through the meat-grinder,
because it never crossed his mind at the time.

Had Tim Wilmot been a better advocate,
he would have known of this crux of the matter,
and simply asked his father:-

"During my so-called "Threats to Kill",
did I address anything to you?"

As Tim Wilmot knows there was not,
hopefully the answer would have been "No!"

The follow-up question might have been:-

"Just to clarify,
at no time during my so-called "Threats to Kill",
did I ever make reference to any action,
or inaction,
required of yourself?"


So throughout these so-called "Threats to Kill",
you were at no time part of it?"


It is the function of a barrister
to trap the unwary,
and that Chubb certainly did for his blackmailing police paymasters.

Chubb died horribly.

Tim Wilmot's father never spoke to his son again.

And Tim Wilmot is - at least on the face of it -
merely a criminalised and bankrupted social outcast.

This story has deep karma running through it,
and is not finished yet.

This is the price paid for Special Branch blackmail,
and why, rather than submit to tyranny,
Tim Wilmot is willing to die for what he knows.

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