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Tim Wilmot found Guilty

Tim Wilmot suggests that the entire process
of the Crown Court Trial was insane.

The system was using it's weapon the law
to repress the truth about Caradon District Council
by damaging the reputation of Tim Wilmot.

Tim Wilmot's father was insane to believe police,
and to act as their most effective weapon.

Tim Wilmot was insane to believe in their system of justice,
and insane to believe that he needed his father's support.

Tim Wilmot can say with certainty
that experiences like these
rapidly accelerate your understanding
of how this society really works.

People who have lived unblemished lives
have no idea at all of how things really work.

Tim Wilmot was found guilty of making Threats to Kill
because, in the pre-internet days,
he was not able to fully understand the charge.

The charge hinged on one thing -
in the moment that Tim Wilmot was making these Threats to Kill,
did he intend his father to believe that he meant it?

Tim Wilmot replied that he did,
but - and this is a very big but! -
he did not add WHY? -
and he completely missed out the fact
that he was moving rapidly towards serving writs.

Please remember that this saga had been going on from OCT 88 to early 1993 -
a period of over four years -
during which Tim Wilmot had been bombarded with government lies,
threats of fitted-up criminal charges,
other charges brought, and dropped,
and various other forms of pressure,
including his slide into bankruptcy.

What he wanted above all else,
was a father's support and understanding,
and in the heat of the moment IN THE COURT,
it came out wrong.

So guilty.

And guilty of the possession of machine gun parts.

However, the jury were not impressed by ranting and raving Distin,
and rejected his testimony.

If Tim Wilmot could do that to Distin's evidence,
surely he could have done the same to his father's,
had he known the truth about the blackmailer policeman.

It is a rotten system.

Tim Wilmot has never submitted to it's tyranny,
and will die rather than do so.

Tim Wilmot was sentenced to nine months imprisonment,
suspended for two years.

Enough to keep him quiet,
and with bankruptcy added,
and the way that government took over his litigation,
and halted his suing Caradon District Council,
something died within Tim Wilmot.

Tim Wilmot has taken no part in government since.

To get through the Crown Court Trial and bankruptcy,
Tim Wilmot acknowledges that he received some exceptional help.

There is the way in which the system operates
( with it's extremely artifical lack of understanding,
based on division and separation ),
and there is The Spirit of Man
( where there is the look in a man'e eye
that says "I understand!" ).

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