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Charges not heard by Crown Court

Tim Wilmot's policy from 1991-1993
was to demonstrate publicly
the substance and power of his allegations
by means of the display of placards.

That these displays were regarded with horror by police
is shown by the repeated use of the emotive word "parading"
by Detective Inspector Draper in his Report to CPS,
instead of the more balanced word "displaying".

The police and CPS, while keen to prosecute Tim Wilmot
as a means of stopping the public exposure
of Caradon District Council's criminal activities,
had pulled their punches time and again
to prevent giving Tim Wilmot
a platform from which he could expand his allegations.

In effect, the policy was one of repression of truth.

So obvious and blatant was this policy to Tim Wilmot,
he tested it to the limit on a number of occasions
in the months before his arrest.

It was clear to Tim Wilmot
that he was in a unique position
where he could say whatever he liked
without charges being laid.

He might be arrested,
and have the placard confiscated,
but charges were notably absent.

So Tim Wilmot added the word "BASTARDS!"
above the criminal allegations
directed towards named council officers.

Surely that word would cause his immediate arrest,
and charges?

The truth was that the same policy was followed.

Tim Wilmot was only charged under the Public Order Act
in relation to the placards
AFTER he was charged with Threats to Kill.

However, the charges under the Public Order Act
CANNOT be heard in a Crown Court;
only in a Magistrates Court.

In view of this, Tim Wilmot suggests
that the action of the late-lamented His Honour Judge Andrew CHUBB ( click "back" when done )
( prosecution barrister )
in introducing evidence into the Crown Court,
and then halting the first Trial,
needs critical examination.

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