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TW to Tolley 21SEP90 Extracts

The text further below - which Tolley confirmed he read very carefully - was never denied.

It is the reason why Tim Wilmot in late 1991 broke Tolley to the point
where Tolley assaulted him four times -
including twice with aerosol cans of paint -
for displaying a large placard with the words:-




after police -
having arrested Tim Wilmot under the Public Order Act
for the placard text below -
waited until the last hearing before offering no evidence.




Needless to say, neither Tolley nor Caradon sued.


9.1.     Another important point.

9.2a.    You said that Mr HARTRIDGE has "no recollection"
9.2b.    of taking any particular interest in this application,
9.2c.    or of even speaking at the October Meeting.

9.3a.    However, when I glanced at the [Planning Committee] Minutes [for 03 OCT 88],
9.3b.    and said "Then who is the Planning Officer?"
9.3c.    there was a CLUNK! which hit the floor,
9.3d.    after which you said that usually referred to the Chief Planning Officer.

10.1.     After nearly 3 hours of discussion, we reached the crux of the matter.

10.2a.    You had repeatedly said that you could find "no thread to follow",
10.2b.    and that following an allegation,
10.2c.    I could not expect the guilty party to "come out with his hands up",
10.2d.    and I had as repeatedly said that I could see a very clear thread indeed
10.2e.    which appeared to me to lead directly to one man.

10.3a.    You finally said, very softly, "But I can't prove it!",
10.3b.    and continued that if you put on paper in your report the "thread",
10.3b.    both you and the Council would be sued for defamation of character.

10.4a.    We agreed that we were not talking of sloppiness or incompetence,
10.4b.    but,if proven, a "deliberate act"
10.4c.    which could well result in a prosecution under Criminal Law,
10.4d.    as well as the dismissal of one of the Council's chief officers.

11.1a.    I hope that I have convinced you
11.1b.    that there is no personal malice behind my actions,
11.1c.    beyond my determination to ensure to my satisfaction
11.1d.    that Caradon has a Planning Officer whose word I feel I can rely upon.

11.2.     Nothing Mr HARTRIDGE has done has relieved my position.

11.3a.    Beyond saying "You are mistaken!",
11.3b.    he has ignored both my letter of December 1989 (T 39)
11.3c.    and my Affidavit (T40),
11.3d.    which is strange because they must be a threat to his own position.

12.1a.    I repeat, the crux of the matter is "Who altered the Minutes?",
12.1b.    and it MUST be answered.

12.2.     There must be no doubt left in either my, or the Public's mind, over this.

12.3a.    You have accepted
12.3b.    that at no time did I give permission for either withdrawal or deferral,
12.3c.    so clearly the October Minute is false.

12.4a.    If the Minute Clerk has made such a monumental error, then let's look at it,
12.4b.    but I think it unlikely in view of the next step,
12.4c.    which was the discovery of the loss of the original handwritten notes
12.4d.    after I had strongly indicated to the Planning Department
12.4e.    that I had an interest in seeing them.


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