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Liar & Perjurer - Police Know It's True

It was perfectly clear that the police and CPS
knew that Tolley ( and therefore Caradon District Council )
were liars and perjurers.

So Tim Wilmot made a placard with the following text:-




Once again, Tim Wilmot strolled around the gardens
of Caradon District Council's offices,
allowing all of the staff to see the truth.

There was nothing underhand or sneaky here -
just the plain, unvarnished truth.

After a couple of hours there,
Tim Wilmot wandered down past the police station
into Liskeard Town Centre,
where he displayed the sign for another hour or two.

At the peak of the rush hour,
Tim Wilmot was standing close to a very busy roundabout
at the southern end of Barras Street,
when Tolley walked up.

It was a chilly December day,
and Tim Wilmot had on a long overcoat and a beret.

Without a word being spoken,
Tolley seized the hat,
and threw it into the busy road,
and then walked away around the corner.

At some risk to himself,
Tim Wilmot retrieved his hat,
and continued to display his placard.

Three minutes later, Tolley came back,
and exactly the same thing happened -
again with nothing said.

Three minutes later, Tolley was back again,
and Tim Wilmot expected the same process,
but instead, Tolley raised an aerosol can of paint,
and proceeded to spray Tim Wilmot's placard.

Fortunately, Tolley had forgotten to shake the can,
and only propellant and a few droplets of paint
landed on Tim Wilmot and his placard
( although it was not very nice to breathe ).

With this disappointing result,
Tolley became rather vocal,
and announced that he was going into the adjacent garage,
where he would buy the biggest can of paint he could find.

Tolley came back with a huge can of paint,
and as he tried to spray with it,
it was so long, Tim Wilmot was easily able to twist it out of his hand.

Tim Wilmot had all along along said nothing,
and made no physical moves whatsoever.

At the point, Tolley was saying
that he had been assaulted by Tim Wilmot,
and he walked off.

Tim Wilmot knew with absolute certainty that the truth had broken Tolley,
and that he could break Tolley whenever he needed to.

Caradon District Council and the police knew it too,
and a Special Branch Superintendent was posted to Liskeard,
resulting in the blackmail of Tim Wilmot's father.

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