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Alan Hartridge's state of mind with 16-0 approval vote on Tim Wilmot's application

Alan Hartridge = former Caradon District Council Chief Planning Officer.
5 Victoria Ter, Liskeard, PL14 4DL
Alan Hartridge was a forcefull man,
used to getting his own way.

In 1988, at the peak of the building boom,
he was under a lot of pressure.
For his own reasons,
Alan Hartridge took a very personal interest
in Tim Wilmot's planning application.

This included deliberately misrepresentating Tim Wilmot's wishes
to the Planning Committee Meeting of 03 OCT 88.

Not only had this misrepresentation failed to achieve withdrawal,
Alan Hartridge had shot himself in the foot,
by giving Tim Wilmot a 16 to nil approval vote
Please remember that regardless of the Committee vote,
Alan Hartridge still held absolute power over the application.

Unless Alan Hartridge,
or officers under his direct command,
took certain actions,
Tim Wilmot had nothing.

Until Alan Hartridge personally signed a planning approval Notice,
it was totally under his control,
and the Planning Committee Decision was not valid at law.

If Hartridge intended to reverse that decision by lies and deceit,
it was a perfect position for abuse of power.

What is certain,
is that many strange things happened to the application,
and while under Alan Hartridge's control,
the planning approval was reversed dishonestly,
a refusal vote manipulated upon an uninformed committee,
so that his original intention overpowered feeble democracy.

Hartridge says none of this was anything to do with him,
and Caradon claimed
that it was a perfectly normal planning application,
with nothing whatsoever abnormal happening to it,
barring one or two unfortunate things,
that were, of course, not deliberate or malicious in any way.

Tim Wilmot suggests far too many abnormalities for mere coincidence..
This page's heading refers to Alan Hartridge's state of mind.

Tim Wilmot has never wavered from saying
that Alan Hartridge had lost his temper
when Tim Wilmot refused to withdraw his application at the tea break.

Alan Hartridge had 30 minutes to regain his temper,
but nonetheless chose to misrepresent Tim Wilmot
in a deliberate act
intended to impose Hartridge's will upon Tim Wilmot.

In case Councillor Pengelly was tempted to expose his lie,
Alan Hartridge lowered his demands,

"If Members were minded to grant planning permission []."

Hartridge himself offered the Planninng Committee
the opportunity to grant planning permission,
and the truth of this is recorded in the Commiittee minutes.

As the 16 to Nil vote to grant planning permission
was the exact opposite of his real desire,
one might imagine this anger was not improved.

What is clear to Tim Wilmot
is that Alan Hartridge feared a complaint by Tim Wilmot.

So in a moment of madness,
the Alan Hartridge ordered the Committee Clerk
to falsify the Planning Committee Minutes.

Hartridge's banana skin!

And why Special Branch were later needed.

Simple as that!

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