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Tim Wilmot proposes Detailed application

As it was obvious to Tim Wilmot
that it was impossible to supply a landfill gas survey report
if no specification for such a report
was conveyed by the Planning Department to Tim Wilmot,
it seemed that there was something of an impasse.

Please remember that Tim Wilmot wrongly believed
that he had secured a valid-at-law outline planning permission

The Chief Planning Officer might gain pleasure
from witholding the Consent Notice for some time,
but it was wrongly seen by Tim Wilmot as of little importance.

Here we must discuss the purpose of a landfill gas survey.

At the site meeting of 03 OCT 88,
Tim Wilmot clearly remembers
that Dr Ankers, the scientist, had stated that:-

1. gas is emitted from a former dump for up to 35 years.
2. maximum emissions are in the first 10 years.
3. as the site had ceased tipping some 10-12 years before,
the site would DEFINITELY be emitting gases.

Tim Wilmot has researched this point,
and it is established science.

So the reader must question why it is
that both Dr Ankers and the Chief Planning Officer
take the position that the purpose of the survey
was to see IF gas is being emitted -
as if no emissions of landfill gas were a possibility.

See the truth on Landfill Gas revealed - Mike Bullock's memo to CPO.

This subtle alteration in meaning is there, Tim Wilmot suggests
because the Chief Planning Officer wanted to decieve the Planning Committee,
and Dr Ankers, in his police witness statement,
was willing to skate around established scientific truth
in order to assist a fellow government employee escape liability.

The Chief Planning Officer wished to manipulate The Planning Committee
into seeing the very PRESENCE of landfill gas
as a definite reason for refusal.

Please bear in mind,
that subject to the use of such things as impervious membranes,
you can build petrol stations, industrial estates, and housing estates,
on former landfills that are actively emitting gases.


So Tim Wilmot, faced with an impossible request,
instantly created a perfect solution.

He knew that gas was present,
and likely to be present for another 15 years or so,
so the obvious question to him was:-

"What is the point of a landfill gas survey
when we already know the answer?"

In other words, accept that gases are present,
and design the detailed stage with gas safety the central core of the plan.

Tim Wilmots asks "How on earth can that be said to be irresponsible of him?"

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