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Importance of the first Landfill Gas letter

First, the letter ( hopefully self-explanatory ).


Mr R D Reid
Waste Management Officer
County Highway Department
Western Group Centre
Radnor Road
Cornwall TR16 5RH
30 AUG 88

Dear Sir,

0c.    OS PART 2780 AND OS PART 2974,

1a.    I attach a copy of a planning application
1b.    which has been received by the District Council
1c.    for the above change of use.

2a.    In accordance with the provisions of Circular 21/87,
2b.    I would be grateful if you could advise me
2c.    whether there is any likelihood of danger from methane or other substances at this tip.

3a.   I appreciate that it may be necessary
3b.   for you to make tests in order to provide this information
3c.   and would be grateful if you could advise me if there is a fee for such tests,
3d.   as it would then be necessary for me to arrange for the applicant, Mr T WILMOT,
3e.   to commission the tests himself.

4a.    I enclose a copy of the planning application form and site location plan
4b.    and if you have any queries concerning this matter
4c.    please contact Mr M COWELL on extension 276.

Yours faithfully,
Les Kimberley
Planning Officer


Quite correctly, the local planning authority is aware
that the site is a former rubbish dump,
and that fires and explosions can occur
when gases are allowed to concentrate at certain levels.

So they have contacted the relevant expert at Cornwall County Council.

Note that they have specifically stated that:-

"it would then be necessary for me to arrange for the applicant, Mr T WILMOT,
to commission the tests himself.

Kimberley has also asked "if there is a fee for such tests".

This is important
because at at an early stage of the cover-up,
it was seriously suggested by Caradon District Council
that, in the absence of any formal notification or specification,
Tim Wilmot should have guessed what type of survey was needed,
who to get it from, and who to give it to, and when.

As Caradon District Council all along portrayed itself
as the unblemished professional guardian of public safety in the public interest,
the way these glitches consistently acted against the interest of the application
deserves taking note of.


Throughout the process, Tim Wilmot was led to believe
that such tests were incredibly expensive.

Tim Wilmot has no doubt that the hope was that he would simply give up,
because his broadside letter to the Planning Department on sewage on 11 AUG 88
implied that, if he was messed around, he would take his energy elsewhere.

This is the letter that the Chief Planning Officer claims not to have read at this time.

Tim Wilmot had no idea that tests could have been
no more than the use of hand-held probes stuck in the ground.

He had been told by planning officers
about extremely expensive drilling rigs and the like,
which themselves required a further planning application.

The real point is that at no time did Tim Wilmot recieve
any form of working specification
for any form of landfill gas survey
because at no time did the Chief Planning Officer actually want a survey in his hand.

It was at all times a stumbling block masking his real intention - refusal.

By refusing to convey a specification,
it was made impossible for Tim Wilmot
to commission a landfill gas survey.

So the Planning Department was then free to allege
that Tim Wilmot had refused to commission a landfill gas survey,
and therefore the public were in such danger
that immediate refusal was the only responsible option.

Please bear in mind
that so obvious was the Planning Department's deviousness,
that a solicitor appointed by Caradon District Council much later to mediate,
recommended that Tim Wilmot
"be somehow restored to the position held on the evening of 03 OCT 88".

This sensible decision was rejected by a secret 'Emergency Committee'
that consisted of just four people -
three of whom Tim Wilmot alleged had committed criminal offences -
and kept no minutes.

But more of that later!

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