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First Four Hour Meeting - 24 APR 90

Council solicitors are busy people,
who cost a great deal of money on a per hour basis.

Therefore they do not waste time on trivialities.

For Tolley to spend four hours of his time -
and staying to six o'clock ( after office closing time )
means that this was something way out of the ordinary.

Tim Wilmot remembers Tolley as being very professional,
but not in any way guarded,
as if he was rather shocked by what he was hearing.

Tim Wilmot recalls,
and Tolley later confirmed in writing to Councillor Knott,
that Tolley said:-
"If what you say is true, Caradon will shortly have a new Planning Officer!"

As Tim Wilmot knew that it was indeed true,
he was certainly impressed by Tolley's apparent honesty and determination
to bring the Chief Planning Officer to justice.

Tolley also said that "no survey, no consent" was unreasonable.

This refers to the Chief Planning Officer's demand for a landfill gas survey report
before he would consider any planning permission.

He then sent his secretary down to the security archives
to get the Committee Clerk's notebook.

She returned to say she could not find it.

She was told to bring all of the notebooks from 1974 to 1990 to his office.

There were so many, it took two people to carry them.

Tolley said that every notebook was there,
except that covering 03 OCT 88.

Tim Wilmot cannot confirm the accuracy of Tolley's statement,
because he did not examine any of the books,
but in the context of his behaviour that day,
he has no reason to doubt his word.

Much later, Tim Wilmot realised that Tolley was playing a game -
perhaps at first with good intentons -
because he knew that Tim Wilmot was in contact with the press,
and if he knew that the notebook confirmed Tim Wilmot's story,
he may have wanted to release that information at a time of his own choosing.

What is certain is that by the time of the police investigation in 1992,
"several" ( unspecified ) notebooks were missing ( click - then click 'Back' ).

Tim Wilmot suggests that having ONLY the notebook covering 03 OCT 88 as missing
was not going to go far with the police,
so others were found to be missing.

Either way, is it not reasonable to assume
that a missing notebook is remarkably convenient for Caradon,
and adds weight to the probability that Tim Wilmot's story is correct?

Tolley said that he would write a draft report upon the allegations
within fourteen days,
and that Tim Wilmot would get a copy.

Impressed with Tolley's apparent honesty and industry,
Tim Wilmot left the meeting to await the report.

Somewhere within the next fourteen days,
someone or something changed Tolley's mind.

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