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Ankers' Witness Statement Exposes Hartridge

NOTE:- This is the Police Witness Statement Of Dr Walter ANKERS,
Environmental Protection Officer, Waste Regulation Authority, Cornwall County Council.

Ankers is a government employee,
and he knows how to trim his sails to the prevailing wind.

So, whereas at the site meeting,
Ankers stated that landfill gas
would DEFINITELY be being emitted from the site for another 25 years
( making a total of 35 years from cessation of tipping ),
to help Caradon out protect itself from serious allegations,
Ankers has trimmed it to:
"assess whether the site was still generating landfill gas".

Anyone with the slightest experience of landfill gas emissions
will know that Anker's statement is effectively "Ask a Yes / No question
to get an answer we already know to be Yes!"


Dated: 14 JAN 92

1.1.    I am the Environmental Protection Officer of the Waste Regulation Authority, Cornwall County Council.

1.2a.    In OCT 88 my job title would have been the Industrial Waste Officer
1.2b.    of the Waste Disposal section of Cornwall County Council.

1.3.    My manager then would have been Mr Robert REID.

2.1a.    I have been asked by Detective Inspector DRAPER to relate to certain matters
2.1b.    concerning premises at Callington, known as 'Target Tip',
2.1c.    and Mr Timothy WILMOT, on and around the 03 OCT 88.

2.2a.    From recollection and limited documentation at my disposal,
2.2a.    I am able to state the following.

3.1a.    I have been shown by Detective Inspector DRAPER
3.1b.    a letter dated the 30 AUG 88 from a Mr A. HARTRIDGE (***).

3.2a.    This is a copy letter received by our department in late 1988
3.2b.    and I recall it being received.

4a.    It was in response to this letter
4b.    that during the morning of the 03 OCT 88,
4c.    Mr Robert REID and myself went up to Liskeard
4d.    and had a preliminary meeting at the Council Offices of Caradon District Council,
4e.    with a Mr John INMAN, the Council's Environmental Health Officer.

5.1a.    Later the same day,
5.1b.    all three of us had a site meeting at 'Target Tip" in Callington,
5.1c.    together with a Mr Timothy WILMOT.

5.2.    This was the first time I had met Mr. WILMOT.

5.3a.    My primary function at such a meeting was to advise on the technical side
5.3b.    and I certainly would have advised Robert REID of what my assessment of the site was.

6.1a.    I am satisfied that at this meeting, Mr Wilmot was advised
6.1b.    that it would be neccessary to have a site investigation
6.1c.    to assess whether the site was still generating landfill gas.

Tim Wilmot is adamant that Ankers stated
that landfill gas would DEFINITELY be emitted from the site
for 35 years from end of tipping,
with the first 10 years the most active.

As tipping has ended some 10 to 12 years previously,
this meant roughly another 25 years.

The science is inescapable.

See the truth on Landfill Gas revealed.


6.2a.    If still active,
6.2b.    he would have been advised that development could take place,
6.2c.    subject to appropriate precautions being taken.

Please really understand 6.2.

All it is saying is,
that it does not matter IF gas is issuing,
or how MUCH gas is issuing,
as ANY development can take place,
subject to appropriate precautions being taken.

Please remember The Great Gas Deception
includes duping the Planning Committee Meeting of 06 FEB 89
into believing that IF any gas was issuing from the site,
NO development of ANY kind should take place.


7.1a.    At the conclusion of this meeting Mr WILMOT asked for a lift into Liskeard
7.1b.    so that he could be present to hear his planning application.

7.2.    Robert REID and I gave Mr WILMOT a lift, together with his dog.

Sam was a pedigree labrador of great character.


8a.    When we arrived at Luxstowe House, Liskeard,
8b.    Robert REID and myself
8c.    went and spoke with Mr Alan HARTRIDGE, the Planning Officer,
8d.    when we advised him of our findings in relation to 'Target Tip'.

9.1a.    I cannot recall the exact words,
9.1b.    but at this meeting I remember it becoming apparent at an early stage
9.1c.    that Alan HARTRIDGE was going to recommend refusal of Mr WILMOT's planning application,
9.1d.    together with reasons for his objections.

9.2a.    I remember having the impression that Mr HARTRIDGE's reasons
9.2b.    were sound and ostensibly, in order,
9.2c.    and not with malice or prejudice.

10.1a.    I did not form the impression that our comments to Mr Alan HARTRIDGE
10.1b.    formed any significant basis
10.1c.    for Alan HARTRIDGE's grounds for opposing Mr WILMOT's application.

How strange!

Everyone thought that St Hartridge and Miraculous Fiery Cross of Methane Danger,
was Pope Bureaucrat the Nineth's most recent saint.

10.2a.    It seemed as though there were other, stronger reasons,
10.2b.    that Mr HARTRIDGE had.

There was - a culture clash
between an open, honest, and outspoken product of the conservative landed class,
and a closed, dishonest, devious, and deceitful member of the socialist ruling class.

And just look at what debt our socialists have landed us in.

Dr Anker's observation has great value.

The Chief Planning Officer, at a public meeting in 1992,
spoke of "property speculators ripping-off the community",
and of the need for planning controls in the public interest.

Ironicly, it was Tim Wilmot who intended to put everything into his English Earth Project,
and the Chief Planning Officer who seriously abused power,
and cost his district's ratepayers well over £1 million.


11a.    Both Robert REID and myself left Luxstowe House at the conclusion of the meeting
11b.    and I remember hoping that we did not see Mr WILMOT as we left the building
11c.    as we were aware of the likely outcome of the planning application,
11d.    based on what Mr HARTRIDGE had said to us.

Again Dr Anker's observation has great value.

The Chief Planning Officer must have seemed very confident -
maybe over-confident - of the outcome,
but that was before he lost his temper,
and before he embarked on wilfull misrepresentation of Tim Wilmot -
which rebounded back as a 16 to Nil approval vote.

12a.    Since that date, I have had no dealings with 'Target Tip', or Mr WILMOT,
12b.    other than I am aware through the existence of documents accessible to myself,
12c.    of landfill gas monitoring and site licensing of 'Target Tip',
12d.    by County Council Staff within the same department.


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