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The 5 Filed Charges Caradon Dared Not Answer

Note: these were the 5 charges filed as Tim Wilmot's counterclaim to the Pengelly Injunction.

The charges struck right at the heart of Caradon's criminality.

As Tim Wilmot had foolishly claimed nominal damages of £1 only
( wrongly thinking that they had to defend such serious charges )
pending a full-scale claim for full compensation,
Caradon paid it.

To add injury to insult,
they selotaped a £1 coin to a letter denying all liability,
and spent ratepayers money sending a Baillif to Tim Wilmot's door late in the evening.

The symbolism was quite obviously "F**k You!"


Tim Wilmot drafted these charges from instinct.

Can anyone let him know where they stand legally?

The only thing known is that Caradon paid the pound rather than try them.


Tim Wilmot
The Burrows, South Hill Road, Callington. Pl17 7LH
20 AUG 91
Mathew Wald
Bond Pearce

Dear Mr Wald,

Ref. Newell Vs Wilmot

0.1a.    The Courts Order reached me sometime after the expiry of the 14 days,
0.1b.    but it clearly states that I should serve upon Mr Newell.

0.2.    At your request I make these specific allegations:-

1a.    At the Planning Committee Meeting on 03 OCT 88
1b.    Gerald Pengelly knew of deliberate misrepresentation
1c.    which was detrimental in intent to a planning application already recommended for refusal,
1d.    in that Alan Hartridge, Director of Planning Services with Caradon District Council
1e.    informed the Committee that the applicant wishes to withdraw,
1f.    directly contrary to verbal instructions given just half an hour beforehand
1g.    in the presence of Gerald Pengelly,
1h.    and that the said Gerald Pengelly failed to inform the Committee,
1i.    contrary to his duty as a representative of the people.


2a.    That in the period before the Planning Committee Meeting on 07 NOV 88,
2b.    Gerald Pengelly,
2c.    having recieved a draft copy of the minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting on 03 OCT 88,
2d.    failed to inform the Committee of the blatant falsification of the minutes,
2e.    which obscured Alan Hartridge's misrepresentation,
2e.    contrary to his duty as a representative of the people.


3a.    That in the period from APR 89 to date Gerald Pengelly,
3b.    although repeatedly informed of serious maladministrative and possibly criminal allegations
3c.    regarding the improper conduct of hus Authority's Chief Planning Officer,
3d.    has done precisely nothing positive to assist any proper investigation of the offences alleged,
3e.    contrary to his duty as a representative of the people.


4a.    That on 30 NOV 90 Gerald Pengelly chaired a secret Planning Committee Meeting
4b.    in which, without any counter-balancing whatsoever,
4c.    reports carefully prepared by Michael Tolley, Director of Administration with Caradon District Council,
4d.    with the clear intent of perverting the course of justice
4e.    through lies, errors, and omissions of ascertainable and ascertained fact
4f.    in order to protect Alan Hartridge from substantive allegations,
4g.    resulting in a unaminous resolution of confidence in Alan Hartridge -
4h.    a result that Gerald Pengelly knew in part to be totally unjustified,
4i.    a fact which he failed to draw to the attention of the Committee,
4j.    contrary to his duty as a representative of the people.


5a.    That on 02 MAY 91 Gerald Pengelly,
5b.    in association with David Newell and Michael Tolley, Officers of Caradon District Council,
5c.    did obtain fraudulently and maliciously an injunction
5d.    with intent to suppress the right of free speech upon substantive allegations
5e.    concerning the improper maladministrative and potentially criminal conduct
5f.    of the Authority to which he is an representative of the people.


6. I trust this meets your requirements, and that a rapid reply will be forthcoming.

Tim Wilmot

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