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Legal Advice to Chief Planning Officer
on Tim Wilmot's Affidavit of 06 APR 90

This Caradon District Council internal memo
is substantive proof
that solicitors were involved right at the start in 1990,
and they were wriggling.


As it was Page 127 of the Police Report Evidence File,
it seems strange
that Detective Inspector Draper did not see what it clearly says,
and draw the obvious conclusion.

Why on earth
would the Chief Planning Officer be 'worried about what to say'
if he had nothing to hide?

Why on earth
would Brown be advising the Chief Planning Officer to lie
unless she knew there was something to hide?

The lie is simple -
the prosecutions related to The Burrows,
whereas my complaints related to Target.

Two entirely different properties.

So, if the Chief Planning Officer had been contacted by the press,
there was no reason for him not to answer,
unless he had something to hide.

This document proves that at a very early date
Caradon were being 'economical with the truth'.

This is proven by three things:-

1. the Enforcement Notice vanished after the Hearing,
never to be revived.

2. as a result of what Tim Wilmot said
about Alan Hartridge at the Hearing,
the solicitor to Caradon District Council,
Michael Tolley,
imvited Tim Wilmot to meet in his office,
because the revelations shocked him.

3. the "wriggling" paper trail begins at this point,
and never stops.

Linda Brown died of cancer -
law certainly takes it's toll of lives,
just as lies do.


Confidential - legal advice not for publication


From: Mrs L.Brown to A.Hartridge, Esq
Legal Department to Planning Department
06 APR 90

SUBJECT - Mr Wilmot - The Burrows

1.a.    I've had a quick look at the attached affidavit
1.b.    and taken a photocopy for Michael Tolley.

2.1a.    I gather you're worried about what to say
2.1b.    if contacted over the weekend by the press
2.1c.    ( I think this unlikely
2.1d.    because the 'affidavit' certainly takes some reading! ).

2.2a.    I suggest you say that you note Mr Wilmot is not happy
2.2b.    with the handling of certain planning matters
2.2c.    despite previous replies to him
2.2d.    and that he intends to complain to the Ombudsman
2.2e.    which is, of course, his right.

2.3a.    In view of the pending prosecutions of Mr Wilmot
2.3b.    for failure to comply with Council enforcement notices affecting the site,
2.3c.    you are anxious not to contravene the sub judice rule
2.3d.    and, therefore, feel it is not appropriate
2.3e.    to discuss the matter in more detail at this stage.

2.4a.    The cases have been listed for hearing on 10 APR 90
2.4b.    merely to deal with mode of trial, plea,
2.4c.    and (if appropriate) committal proceedings.

Hope this is of assistance.


Stamped 'Recieved Caradon Planning Department 06 APR 90'


   Page 127 PR to CPS

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