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Allegations in Brief

Brief allegations against the former Caradon District Council
( now within Cornwall County Council )


1. It is unlawful for a local government officer
to reverse by deceit a planning committee approval decision
that was passed by 16 votes to nil.

2. It is unlawful for a local government officer
to conceal that deceit
by falsifying the planning committee minutes.

3. It is unlawful for a local government officer
who knows that 1 and 2 are true,
to obstruct the course of justice
by seeking to conceal the truth
by pretending
that the notes written by the Committee clerk at the time of the allegation
had been "discovered to be missing"
from the council's security archives
11 months after Tim Wilmot first asked for sight of them.

The fact that these notes are "missing"
powerfully indicates something to conceal,
but police actually claimed
that there was nothing suspicious about this,
as there is no legal requirement to keep these notes
once the minutes are ratified as correct at a later meeting.

4. It is unlawful for a local government officer
to write reports for council committees
that are intended to conceal the truth
by selectively presenting evidence upon serious criminal offences.

5. It is unlawful for a local government officer
to get an injunction against an individual,
when that officer knows full well
that the entire basis for that injunction is based on lies.

An injunction withdrawn as untenable
the moment Tim Wilmot counterclaimed.

6. It is unlawful for a local government officer
to conspire with police
to apply maximum pressure on a man
to withdraw his counterclaim to their injunction,
by searching that man with armed police
immediately before a meeting urgently called by the council
just four days before the court hearing
where Tim Wilmot was to seek consent to counterclaim.

7. It is unlawful for a local government officer
to wilfully conceal by means of a written file note
an instance where another council officer
has made an amazing verbal blunder
( which demolished the carefully constructed lying defence ),
which was noticed by a councillor present as a witness
( because he supported Tim Wilmot ),
as well as by Tim Wilmot himself.

That councillor wrote immediately to the chief executive,
stating what he heard,
and that the file note was clearly incorrect.

8. It is unlawful for a local government officer
to supply different versions of a document,
where they feel an amended text
might help pervert the course of justice.

The file note mentioned above,
was released to the councillor and Tim Wilmot,
but the much later police report had another version -
proving that the council were redrafting the file note.

As the re-drafting occurs
over the precise point where it is alleged
that the council has falsified planning committee minutes,
it is blatantly clear to anyone but police,
that the council are lying.

9. It is unlawful for a local government officer
to knowingly swear on oath something he knows to be untrue,
in order to protect his local authority
from the lawful liability for serious criminal offences.

10. It is unlawful for a local government officer
to wilfully obstruct
a councillor seeking to expose criminal offences

committed by local government officers.

11. It is unlawful for a local government officer
to bulldoze to the ground
the home of an investigating councillor,
on the basis of exactly the same kind of lies and deceit
as that set upon Tim Wilmot
( leading to the early death of that councillor by cancer ).

Brief allegations against Devon & Cornwall Police

1. Right from day one,
it was clear that police would obstruct
any investigation of serious criminal offences at Caradon District Council.

2. at Caradon District Council's weakest moment -
when Tim Wilmot counterclaimed to CDC's injunction
( which they instantly withdrew as untenable ) -
CDC asked for an urgent meeting,
and Tim Wilmot was searched by seven ARMED police
in a bid to "persuade" him
to re-submit to authority
by withdrawing his counterclaim.

3. at the time of the police investigation of Tim Wilmot's complaint,
carried out by detective inspector COLIN DRAPER,
two consequecutive days were spent going over the evidence.

It was clear that Draper was tenacious and thorough,
and not going through the motions.

As Draper stood in the door to leave, he said
"When I get to Caradon District Council,
that is when the lying will start!"

4. Not once did Draper come back to clarify a single point,
verbally or in writing.

5. When Tim Wilmot broke Caradon District Council's solicitor
by using placards such as:-




and Tolley attacked Tim Wilmot FOUR TIMES in 15 minutes
( including TWICE with aerosol paint spray cans )
Tim Wilmot privately prosecuted Tolley
under the Public Order Act,
and secured the solicitor's conviction.

DRAPER was present at the magistrate's court.

6. Tim Wilmot believes
that a high level decision was made within the establishment
to destroy Tim Wilmot as a threat

7. It is fact
that a Special Branch superintendent suddenly took over Liskeard.

8. It is fact that Tim Wilmot's father
was secretly blackmailed by the Special Branch superintendent,
and used to apply massive pressure on Tim Wilmot to quit.

9. It is fact that Tim Wilmot was destroyed
by questionable criminalisation
that occurred as a direct result of blackmail,
and bankruptcy,
and that no-one at Caradon District Council
answered a single question in a court
regarding serious criminal offences.

10. Devon & Cornwall Police always refuse point blank to re-open the case,
even when given substantial new evidence.

Devon & Cornwall Police were fully aware
that Tim Wilmot was alleging
that Devon & Cornwall Police were involved in a criminal conspiracy
to conceal local government crimes

11. For a police report to the CPS
to be released into the public domain,
is rare enough,
but for that report to contain blatantly clear evidence
that police conceal government crimes
by concealing EVERY SINGLE POINT OF DANGERto the council
( while portraying Tim Wilmot as a lone nut
( ignoring the three councillors amazing support )),
makes this report as rare as hen's teeth with gold fillings.

Brief allegations against Liskeard Magistrates Court

1. the court hearing had information laid before it by Tim Wilmot,
both verbally and in writing,
that officers of Caradon District Council
had engaged in criminal conspiracy

under the alternative criminal and common law sections
of the Criminal Law Act 1977.

Time went by.

Tim Wilmot had been promised by the Clerk to the Court
that he would receive full written reasons for every charge
if refused.

The alternate criminal and common law charges
were laid against four men -
three officers and one councillor.

Tim Wilmot was called before the court,
and handed a photocopied A4 sheet of paper
that was:-

a. un-headed.

b. un-dated.

c. un-signed,

and refused the issuing of summons.

Tim Wilmot believes that this was an invalid reply.

2. Tim Wilmot created a large placard
that contained the words:-


and visited the court on days it was sitting -
and was never arrested.

3. as it was obvious that Tim Wilmot was being mucked about,
a town mayor,
and a county councillor

( the same that witnessed the armed police meeting )
put their names to EXACTLY the same charges as Tim Wilmot,
but directed at a single line
within the lying solicitor's report.

The idea was,
that the court could not refuse these public-spirited gentlemen,
and once they had the summons in their hands,
it would not be served.

Tim Wilmot would then apply in his own name,
which could not be refused.

As the court was not trusted,
Tim Wilmot hand-delivered the documents,
and copies were stamped by the court with "RECEIVED".

These copies are the evidence
that the court did receive the request to lay information before it.

The court simply totally ignored the request.

It is unlikely they did this alone,
which means other agencies influence supposedly unbiased courts.

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