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Stones, and a Blue Triangle

As I began to develop spiritual ideas,
people began to arrive at The Burrows-
some with questions I could answer,
and others with answers to my questions.

I began to hand carve flat-cut portland stones
with a series of words -
LOVE - TRUTH - HARMONY - PEACE, and others.

One day I visited a skip firm's yard,
and a triangular piece of wood caught my eye.

It was an equalateral triangle
with oak wood edges of, say, 18 inches long,
and blue-painted board in the centre.

When I got it home, the three stones LOVE, TRUTH, and HARMONY
just asked to be carried into the centre of the room
and to be arranged in a triangle.

Two were exactly the same height -
the third was half an inch lower.

The blue-painted triangle had nailed to it's underside
along one side only a batten half an inch high.

These kind of perfect "synchronicities" were frequent,
and served as confirmation that it was "right".

The 3 stones and the triangle were a solid foundation
that now called for something else,
and my attention was drawn to a 15 inch diameter granite ball
that had once sat on top of a gatepost,
and had a flat-based socket
that sat perfectly on the flat board of the triangle.

Many good things happened in that room.

People would remark upon how peaceful the energy was,
in spite of the previous history of killing,
and in spite of my anger over my treatment by government.

I was working hard on myself
to transform the anger into positive energy
using techniques that had nothing to do with the mainstream,
and which arrived through meditation.

I remember 2 young men and a girl coming to see me one day
because they had heard of my interest
in spiritual healing and alternative thinking.

They asked for a guided meditation from me -
as their first experience of meditation.

I opened up the energy,
and the energy told me where to place each of them
around the LOVE, TRUTH, and HARMONY triangle.

During the guided meditation
all three saw, and talked to, their spirit guides.

One prefered to go off on his motorbike across country,
rather than chat to his guide,
but it was a taster of what The Burrows and the Earth Project could do.

These experiences showed me
that my transformational development was working,
as challenging as it was.

While my identity and business were being stripped away from me
by dishonest government and police,
a quiet voice within was saying "Trust!"

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