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How Zen opened up to energy with a crystal

In 1992 I was instantly opened up to dowsing
by a crystal,
and a whole new dimension opened up for me.

On a sunny day I was out in the field at The Burrows,
and I saw a piece of white crystal
of an unusual triangular shape

I picked it up off the ground,
and it fitted perfectly into my hand
( they always do! I have since "met" others. ).

As I lifted it,
my hand began to spin in a fast, tight spiral,
lifted up to point at the sun,
pointed back to Earth to ground,
then returned to waist height,
where it oscillated fast from left to right.

I knew instantly that I could dowse with it.

Within 2 weeks I realised I did not need to hold it.

I could find ley lines,
clear buildings of "negative" energy,
and I explored using the energy for healing,
for myself, and others.

As a dowsing techique, it is extremely fast,
because as soon as I begin the oscillating hand movement,
and ask a clear question,
there is a definite "pointing" movement
that directs me to where I need to be

Once I decided to dowse in the field at The Burrows
for a site for a well,
and within a minute or two I had a spot marked out.

A week or two later, a friend came to The Burrows,
together with a man
said to be a "top" dowser in the south west
so we set him to find a suitable place for a well.

Using his rods,
20 minutes later he found the exact same spot I had.

The field was four acres in size,
and there are 44,100 square feet to the acre.

So the odds of finding the exact same square foot
that I had marked in my mind for a well,
were roughly 176,000 to 1.

It was things like this that gave confirmation
to what would otherwise seem to be strange events.

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