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History of Existence in brief

All life exists in a single moment within The One Mind ( TOM ).

TOM has always existed as superconsciousness
in somewhere that was nowhere.

TOM realised that "he" was everything,
and nothing existed outside of himself.

TOM thought about it for a while
( a few trillion years in our understanding ),
and realised that only by looking within
could he could experience himself more fully,
as no-thing existed outside of himself.

To more fully experience himself,
he realised that he needed relative location,
so he divided himself into innumerable fragments of light
( which we might call spirit ),
and coded them with all that he knew.

Then from a tiny speck so small that we cannot imagine it,
TOM blasted into what we now call "Big Bang".

Heading in all diections,
these spirits explored
first, the nature of consciousness,
and second, the nature of creation.

Over measureless time, these venturesome spirits,
raised within the collective consciousness of TOM,
began to realise that they could experience more
by closing off aspects of their superconsciousness,
and "pretending" to be less -
"pretending" to be separate -
within a specially designed physical body
within a specially designed planetary location.

Human beings on Earth.

Imagine a spiritual being planning it's next physical existence,
and looking at a checklist of skills,
and reflecting upon it's successes and failures in it's previous life
before choosing which skills to include,
and which skills to leave out,
in order to focus upon areas requiring improvement.

If you think of the fossil records,
you will see that many experiments have taken place.

Over time, the Great Fear set in,
and many human beings lost touch with superconsciousness altogether.

This did not matter
as the Law of Karma sorts out all errors in time,
and each human being has one or more spirit guides
assigned to them for each of their many, many lifetimes.

So when I say that there are other dimensions,
I speak from personal experience of them.

So I see life from a different perspective than most people,
as I met and talked with my two spirit guides
on a weekly basis for two years.

The experience, plus some past life memories,
places life in a very different context.

Does that answer your question?

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