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Man of Law reduced to Common Lout by Truth

"Man of Law be reduced to a Common Lout!" says it all.

Tolley was a man whose weapon was the law.

A man with 30 years experience of screwing other people in Court.

A man backed by all of the resources of Caradon District Council.

A man who had got a Judge out of bed at 7am on 02 MAY 91
to obtain an injunction against Tim Wilmot
by fraudulently alleging
that Tim Wilmot had made "false statement about the character and integrity
of an election candidate, Gerald Pengelly".

A man who failed to push that injunction further
when Tim Wilmot called his bluff,
removed the vowel letters from Pengelly,
and continued to display the placard
and sell the libellous document at 5p a copy.

A man who rapidly withdrew the injunction as indefensible
as Tim Wilmot obtained leave to counterclaim.

A man who briefed outside solicitor Carne to mediate,
and then rejected Carne's recommendation with the words
"No realistic solution was forthcoming!"
because Carne backed Tim Wilmot 100 percent.

A man who would rather pay Tim Wilmot the mere £1 claimed
than defend the reputation of Caradon District Council
or himself.

A man whose pen had lied again and again.

A man whose authority and position had resulted
in the Chief Planning Officer
being whitewashed for serious criminal offences.

A man protected and defended by police, CPS, and Courts
from liability for criminal offences
committed while on council business.

A man who was given an early retirement package,
and who has an inflation-proofed pension,
as well as an untarnished reputation ( officially ).

A man who met his Waterloo
when he faced on one sign the truth of what he was.

A man who perfectly represents what is wrong with the system.

A man whose lies cost ratepayers well over £1 million.

A man whose lies cost Tim Wilmot everything he then was.

A man whose lies encouraged a Chief Planning Officer to commit more crimes,
and as a result, cost Tony Knott both his home and his life.

Always remember
that Tony Knott was sick with cancer,
when Caradon District Council
cold-bloodedly bulldozed his home to the ground.

He died just three days after.

Julie, his widow, lives with that memory every single day.


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