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Withdrawal or deferral discussed

In his first report dated 05 SEP 90 on Tim Wilmot's allegations,
Michael Tolley, solicitor to Caradon District Council, stated:-


5.8a    The point is that Mr Wilmot gave no authority or direction
5.8a    that his application should be withdrawn or deferred.

6.1a    When, later in the Meeting, Mr Wilmot's application came to be considered,
6.1b    Mr Wilmot states that the Chief Planning Officer informed the Committee
6.1c    that Mr Wilmot wished to withdraw his application.

6.2    The Chief Planning Officer has no recollection of saying that.

6.3a    The Minutes of the Meeting record
6.3b    that the Senior Planning Assistant
6.3c    did say that the applicant had asked for deferral
6.3d    for further information to be submitted.

6.4a    The notes taken at the time by the Committee Clerk
6.4b    might have been of assistance
6.4c    but, despite an extensive search, these notes cannot be produced.

6.5a    I conclude that Mr Wilmot gave no instruction
6.5b    that his application was to be deferred or withdrawn.


Tim Wilmot suggests that nothing could be clearer.

Neither withdrawal or deferral was an option
as far as Tim Wilmot was concerned,
and this was formally accepted by Tolley in his written report dated 05 SEP 90.

So it does not matter if the Planning Committee Minutes
mention withdrawal or deferral,
as both are suspect,
being directly contrary to Tim Wilmot's intention
as expressed to the Chief Planning Officer at the tea break.


Note that the Committee Clerks' notes are 'missing'.

Tim Wilmot suggests that the reason they are missing is simple;
they confirmed falsification of the official Planning Committee Minutes.

Caradon District Council would like you to believe that it is sheer coincidence
that the ONLY document
that would instantly prove the truth or otherwise of Tim Wilmot's allegations,
is "missing" from the Council's high security vaults.

Falsification is a serious criminal offence
( but we will get there later ).

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