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Neil Harvey's File Note

Now we come to a document
that both Caradon District Council and Devon & Cornwall Police
refuse to acknowledge as being of critical importance.

In fact, that is not quite true,
as the File Note was stripped from the planning file
each time Tim Wilmot asked to see it.

The purpose of a File Note, is, as the name suggests,
to record something of importance for future reference.

In this case,
the Harvey had reached an agreement with Tim Wilmot,
and he recorded that agreement.

The importance is this -
within days of this File Note being written,
someone was returning the application to the Planning Committee
without informing Tim Wilmot,
and in what Tim Wilmot describes as:-

"a heavily-loaded manner designed to secure refusal".

As Neil Harvey was last seen putting the file on the back-burner
to await a detailed application
at an unspecified time in the future,
Tim Wilmot suggests that it was extremely unlikely to be him
( although Caradon claim just that ).

Tim Wilmot suggests that there was only one man at Caradon
whose trademark was - in both Tim Wilmot's case -
and the Councillor Knott house revocations and demolition -
the ability to internally manipulate the planning process
to achieve "a heavily-loaded manner designed to secure refusal".

The reader might be concerned to hear:-

that Michael Tolley, solicitor to Caradon District Council,
never mentioned the File Note once
in his two reports into Tim Wilmot's allegations in 1990
( i.e. before Tim Wilmot knew of it's existence,
due to it being stripped from the planning file ).

that the 1992 police investigation was NOT handed it by Caradon.

that after the police investigation report became public,
and was seen by Tim Wilmot as a tissue of lies -
the police refused to re-open the case,
even with new documents ( the File Note and others ).

In other words, the File Note is an important document
that blows gaping holes in Caradon and police lies.

Tim Wilmot remains forever grateful
to whoever it was who sent it to him anonymously.

Tim Wilmot does not have a copy of the File Note with him,
but will post it as soon as a copy is found.

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