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Tim Wilmot's reply

Tim Wilmot's reply was Tim Wilmot thinking as he wrote,
and it contained concepts that probably got up the nose
of the Chief Planning Officer.

It was certainly not the kind of letter
to be received every day of the week,
and common sense in hindsight suggests
that it would have been passed around the office.

So when the Chief Planning Officer
denies all knowledge of an applicant
( who is making a major planning application of a controversial nature,
both in terms of out of town shopping,
and being situated in a green gap strongly protected by himself )
until a few days before the Planning Committee Meeting,
one must at least ask the question
"Is this true?"

He was a committed socialist,
believing in state control,
and that property speculators were 'ripping off the community'

In truth Tim Wilmot was a speculator,
but his intention was to return everything to the community
by means of his English Earth Project.

The Chief Planning Officer was entitled to disagree
with the capitalist concepts Tim Wilmot wrote about,
but he was not entitled to decide to screw him by dishonest means.

He was certainly not entitled to commit serious criminal offences
intended to limit Tim Wilmot's operations in any way he could.

He could have said
"I have read your letter,
which contains some very outspoken views
that I personally disagree with.
Have you ever considered another way of seeing things?"

Tim Wilmot was young, amateur, naive,
and probably very unwise in what he wrote,
but he did nothing wrong by doing so.

Having done so,
it was the Chief Planning Officer's response
that defined the kind of man he was.

The kind of man who,
from behind closed doors,
seeks to stab someone in the back.

And please do not forget
that this mode of operations by the Chief Planning Officer
occurred firstly directed at Tim Wilmot,
and then at one of his own councillors, Tony Knott.

Knott was attacked for daring to swear an affidavit
drafted by Tim Wilmot
accusing the Chief Planning Officer of serious criminal offences.

One might understand the Chief Planning Officer's motive for attack,
but what beggars belief,
is the way in which senior council officers by their actions
have fully supported and concealed these attacks.

As have police ( in a massive cover-up operation ).

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