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English Earth Project


       English Earth Project


        "A means not only of escape from the rat race
         but also a chance to strike a blow against it"


If you accept
that it is becoming increasingly difficult for the individual
to pursue his own destiny independant of centralised control,
and that central control, in pursuit of industrial growth,
is wrecking our environment,
then the concept of the English Earth Project may interest you.

English Earth as a project has evolved as a result of one man's experience
both as a concerned countryman,
and as someone who has employed himself since the age of sixteen.

Working for one's living and the environment
are not necessarily incompatible;
it is excessive urbanisation and the greed of industrialisation
that cause incompatibility.

Man has long passed the point
where he can provide for all of his basic necessities;
further industrial growth is creating paper wealth,
and transient materialism,
without in any way improving the quality and texture of our people's lives.

English Earth is an attempt to see the wood as a whole
rather than the usual approach
of disjointedly putting single trees under the microscope.

It is designed to satisfy the majority of a man's needs
while evolving a philosophy ....

.... that the Earth posesses its own rhythym,
and that man should regain access to that rhythym
by re-learning his natural balance.

.... that everything we have today
is the result of the labours of men in times past,
and that we have a duty
to pass our world on in better condition than we found it,
not just to our children,
or our children's children,
but to think in terms of many, many generations hence.

This requires a self-discipline
which has rarely been demonstrated since man developed 'civilisation'.

.... that the tail is wagging the dog.
Man's efforts are almost entirely devoted
to propping up an industrial tyranny;
a tyranny which consumes our environment,
our people and whole communities,
giving only in return pollution
and the doubtful pleasures of transient materialism.

Man must humble Industry and Science into its servant
- or face probable extinction.

Which is all rather high sounding stuff.

There is no instant solution,
and man may have to face the inevitable that he is doomed,
for it may well be
that the powers and forces released by unbridled industry and science
cannot be reversed.

However, to take this view -
and many consciously or not, do so -
particularly due to the threat of annihilation by nuclear weapons,
denies an article of faith:- HOPE.

No-one can say this or that will be done!

One can only hope and strive towards a percieved goal.

English Earth's originator does not believe
that any of our established instituitions
have the capability of tackling the problem from the top,
and would like to involve young people in grass-roots projects
with these aims:-

1. To teach a concern for the natural environment,
not as an abstract problem for others to solve,
but as a personal awareness.

2. To develop better methods of living and working in balance.

3. To encourage the attitude
that it is not enough to live in balance yourself,
if your neighbour is destroying the environment
on which you both depend.

Each individual has a duty to convince others to change their ways,
if man is to survive.

4. To achieve this without sinking into politics, religion, or over-commercialism,
merely drawing upon the Earth's own rhythym for a philosophy.

So much for theory - how about practice?

English Earth owns fifty acres of land at Somewhere in Anyshire
including 12,000 square feet of redundant farm buildings with workshop permission,
and also a potential garden centre site.

English Earth can offer an attractive proposition to young people
who aspire to secure their own destiny through self-employment,
with a protective ( and at least initially ) non-commercial 'umbrella',
in exchange for your help in providing facilities to work in,
for both yourself and others.

English Earth has limited funds available
and wants to create the maximum benefit with it,
by buying and salvaging materials,
together with specialist skills,
and by-passing the government's taxable economy
by fair exchange of your labour for our facilities.

It is intended to create a Craft Workshop Centre / Garden Centre
with between 25 and 50 seperate self-employed small businesses,
operating an Enterprise Culture
where mutual support and balance
over-ride the contemporary 'dog-eat-dog' business world,
without falling into the trap of unrealistic idealism
( such as workers Co-ops).

Facilities will be extended for production of organic foods,
landscape conservation, the arts, philosophy, and natural healing.
As each project becomes financially viable,
the money will be ploughed back into fresh projects.

In addition, English Earth would like to build up support
amongst those who sympathise with its aims
but have no immediate intention of leaving the rat race.

On the basis of fair exchange,
English Earth will give a day's good food and drink, plus accomodation,
for four hours work.

The whole basis of the exchange
is that it should be fair and totally non-commercial.

The idea is to have between 20 and 40 people on site at any one time,
on the principle that 'many hands make light work',
and then after four hours, to enjoy oneself.


Well, Tim Wilmot certainly raised an awful lot of issues!

Tim Wilmot was inspired to write from his heart -
it poured out all in one go,
and he only altered a word or punctuation.

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