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TW First Letter to Hartridge

This very firstletter
to Caradon's Chief Planning Officer, Alan Hartridge,
sets out in the plainest possible terms Tim Wilmot's intentions.

Although written by a complete amateur in legal terms,
Tim Wilmot feels this letter has stood the test of time over 22 years.

It raises the subject of lies by government officers,
and it is made clear
that Tim Wilmot believes he is acting in the Public Interest.

The tone throughout is one of courtesy, openness, and honesty.

Naively, Tim Wilmot simply thought
that all he had to do was to reach someone with integrity
to see the Wrong put Right,
because he was unaware then
of how the system destroys peoples' independent integrity.

When good men turn their faces to the wall, evil thrives.

Although stonewalled, bribed, threatened, arrested on numerous occasions,
run through courts ( with some victories and some convictions ),
criminalised and bankrupted,
Tim Wilmot has never wavered from the concepts in this letter.

Tim Wilmot was also unaware
that his way of thinking was unusual within a fear-based society.


From:- Tim Wilmot. The Burrows, South Hill Road, Callington. Tel Liskeard 83830
To:-      A. Hartridge

1.2a    You will recall
1.2b    that I am extremely unhappy with your handling of my planning application
1.2c    regarding Target, South Hill Road.

1.3a    Twice you have denied anything improper,
1.3b    but twice you have provided no evidence whatsoever to back your word.

1.4a    I believe this to be because
1.4b    firstly you know my version of events to be true,
1.4c    and secondly you find it inconceivable
1.4d    that I would risk challenging the power you hold as a high public official.

2.1a    I have given some thought as to what to do,
2.1b    not only in my best interests,
2.1c    but also in the best interests of this districts' people,
2.1d    for I see those interests to be identical,
2.1e    namely to ensure
2.1f    that this district employs officers of the highest possible integrity,

2.1g    at all levels.

2.2a    I am not suggesting that you have acted as to have
2.2b    with any view to personal gain,
2.2c    rather that your word cannot be relied upon.

2.3a    As I believe that trust is implicit in all business arrangements
2.3b    it means that an organisation which exerts considerable control over my ability to create
2.3c    cannot be trusted.

2.4a    It is in my interests to attempt to create an atmosphere of trust
2.4b    based upon a balance of power.

2.5    This cannot be done through moral cowardice.

2.6a    I have to demonstate to all public officials
2.6b    the type of integrity I expect as of right.

3.1a    I have drawn up a sworn document
3.1b    which sets out the events very clearly,
3.1c    and which I believe makes my position unassailable.

3.2    In addition I am challenging you to produce a sworn statement of your own.

3.3a    I reveal my clear intention to force your resignation
3.3b    should I prove your word untrue.

4.1a    As I know the contents of the affidavit to be true,
4.1b    I do not fear any action for libel.

4.2a    However, as an act of prudent caution, and indeed courtesy,
4.2b    I will issue you a copy 24 hours before general release.

Tim Wilmot

19 DEC 89


Although sworn in DEC 89,
Tim Wilmot held it back
until immediately before the Enforcement prosecution of 10 APR 90.

Caradon District Council received this on 06 APR 90,
and completely ignored it.

If the Chief Planning Officer was innocent,
do you not think
that Caradon would have immediately taken steps
to convince Tim Wilmot that it was so?

Only if the Chief Planning Officer was guilty as accused,
would this letter and affidavit be ignored.

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