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OPEN LETTER to Chief Constable

OPEN LETTER to Chief Constable, Devon & Cornwall Police


In paragraph four of your message to the people on your website
you say "We intend [] to open ourselves up to public scrutiny".

I am offering you a perfect example of how to do that,
because I have in my possession a Police Report to the Crown Prosecution Service
that is a deliberate cover-up written by a senior Police officer
to protect Caradon District Council
from having to take honest responsibility for criminal offences
committed by it's then Chief Planning Officer.

As you know,
these Police Reports to the CPS are privileged documents
that under normal circumstances are never seen by the public.

One might say that Police are given trust
in the hope that this trust will be honoured,
but as there is no way to check the quality of such reports,
it is only under exceptional circumstances that any quality control takes place.

The background is simple -
in a Planning Committee Meeting,
I was deliberately misrepresented by a planning officer
in a failed attempt to block my planning application.

Far from getting the application withdrawn
in direct contradiction of my instructions to him just thirty minutes beforehand
( which caused him to lose his temper ),
he succeeded in achieving a 16 to nil vote in my favour.

In an incredible act of stupidity,
he ordered the Planning Committee Minutes falsified
to obscure the misrepresentation,
and he put in place the usual bureaucratic blocks
on communication with a planning applicant deemed undesireable,
while internally manipulating the planning process by deceit
to secure another hearing of the application at a later date
without my knowledge or consent,
and secured his objective - a refusal vote.

I was raised in a country family with a strong naval and military tradition,
and my father in particular raised me to honour truth,
and to have respect for law.

So when I realised that the Planning Committee Minutes had been falsified,
I automatically put my personal interest into second place,
because it was clear to me
that falsification of an important public record is a criminal offence.

In 1990 and 1991,
Caradon District Council were trying hard
to point me away from the Minutes towards self-interest,
because as soon as self-interest took over,
it would mean submitting to their authority,
and allowing them to conceal a crime.

That I could not do,
and I have spent 15 years
trying to find someone, somewhere
with the ability to listen, understand,
and act upon the information I have.

The simple truth is that I failed,
because the system is hermetically sealed
against the kind of truth I hold.

That is why I decided to fast,
and to be willing to fast to death, if neccessary,
because the system is the cause of massive amounts of harm to its people,
and merely sweeps these casualties to one side,
and that is wrong.

Everyone who has ever sat down with an open mind with me,
and discussed the documentary evidence I have,
has left convinced that I speak truth.

That is not the problem.

The problem is that the issues I raise
are issues the system has no desire to confront -
and it must confront them if it is to evolve and move forward.

A man harmed by the system,
who is ruined and discredited,
and rumoured to be mentally ill,
is just yet another casualty casually accepted as 'normal'
by people such as yourself
( who exceptionally rarely really 'meet ' people outside of your class ) -
but a man willing to fast to death,
if neccessary, sets a standard previously unknown.

What I am saying is
that the way that Caradon District Council and Devon & Cornwall Police have treated me
is an absolute tyranny,
and that any person with the slightest capacity for independent discernment
can recognise this.

Even your complaints inspector back in 1991
took less than an hour
before saying
"This stinks!
I am going to recommend to the Chief Constable that the case be reopened!"
after I told him the planning background,
and the obstruction encountered from Liskeard Police.

Please give me credit for a little intelligence -
I spent two days within six feet of Detective Inspector Colin Draper,
and I know from the way he questioned me,
and his final
"When I get to Caradon - that's when the lying will start!" -
that he believed me.

What I missed was a little comment he made about one point raised -
"That should earn you some brownie points!"

The clear implication
( as pointed out to me by a former police officer )
is that Draper needed to discuss the matter with more senior officers,
and as Draper's report is a total whitewash,
it is obvious that those senior officers ordered a cover-up.

Every single point dangerous to Caradon District Council
has been totally ignored,
and I am consistently belittled.

Draper promised ongoing liason,
but none took place,
which is strange,
because I could have with ease pointed him in the right direction.

The truth, Chief Constable,
is that Devon & Cornwall Police have no stomach
for prosecuting fellow members of the bureaucratic class.

In the early 1990s,
North Cornwall District Council was the subject of an investigation by Police,
as well as a major Department of the Environment Reoprt by Audrey Lees ( HMSO, 1993).

Police informed NCDC a week before their arrival
of their intent to 'seize' documents,
and planning officers were working through the night
stripping files and shredding documents
( source: former employee ).

In the same way,
Caradon District Council were able to select
which documents they handed to Police,
because Police 'trust' other parts of government to be 'honest'.

In contrast, my word is considered worthless.

To put it simply, Chief Constable -
I have in my possession a Police Report to the CPS,
which is a deliberate cover-up
of serious criminal offences committed by Caradon District Council.

For twelve years I have been systematically 'blocked'
by middle-ranking police
from a proper and honest investigation of my allegations.

So I am bringing the matter to a head.

If what I say moves you,
then let us meet face-to-face,
and discuss the issue,
and resolve it.

It just takes a willingness to freely and openly communicate,
rather than hiding behind closed doors.

Simple, really.

[C] Tim Wilmot 29 April 2005 - fast4truth - Day 17

( written during my 2005 fast ).

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