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Tim Wilmot accuses Liskeard Magistrates Court of Corruption

NOTE:-  By MAR 93,
it was perfectly clear
that Councilors Jeremy Gist ( Portreeve, Callington Town Council )
and Roger Screech ( Callington, Cornwall County Council ),
as well as Tim Wilmot,
were being "blocked" by Liskeard Magistrates Court
to protect Caradon District Council from criminal prosecution.

Tim Wilmot cannot imagine any Court failing to order
his IMMEDIATE arrest for contempt of Court
for either displaying the placard referred to below,
or the letter below itself,
unless they knew they were corrupt exactly as Tim Wilmot alleged.

The placard was taken to Liskeard Magistrates Court
on days when it was sitting,
and Tim Wilmot would walk up and down in front of the Court,
and court staff and police officers
would pass by without comment.



Tim Wilmot
Quest Centre, Maders, Callington. PL17 7LH
17 MAR 93


Liskeard Magistrates Court


1a    I formally indict Liskeard Magistrates Court
1b    as being unfit to exercise the function entrusted to it
1c    having dishonoured it's public integrity.

2a    I draw the attention of the Court
2b    to Rex Vs Sussex Justices,
2c    and Regina Vs London Borough of Hillingborough (1987).

3a    Substantive evidence exists of a conspiracy
3b    encompassing a number of supposedly independent bodies
3c    with intent to deprive at all costs
3d    cross-examination of ANY government official accused.

4a    This Courts' squalid record would,
4b    if public knowledge,
4c    occasion both derision and contempt.

5c    a frequently-displayed placard measuring 36" x 46",
5d    expresses in condensed form my position.

6a    In six months of public exposure,
6b    this sign has not caused one arrest.

7.1a    The allegations against named individuals
7.1b    lawfully brought to, and recieved by this Court,
7.1c    from Callington Portreeve [Jeremy] Gist, Callington
7.1d    County Councilor [Roger] Screech,
7.1d    and myself,
7.1d    refer to serious criminal offences.

7.2a    My sixteen charges under the Criminal Law Act 1977 (S1 & 5(2))
7.2b    recieved a deposition of evidence
7.2c    which resulted in an incomprehensible document.

7.3a    Magistrate's Clerk Christopher Male,
7.3b    having promised written reasons
7.3c    for ANY of the sixteen charges rejected ( ratio decidendi ),
7.3d    I received
7.3E    a blanket, un-elaborated "no criminal offences are disclosed".

7.4a    Two further charges alleging perjury
7.4b    were never placed before any Magistrate,
7.4c    as were two further CLA charges drafted by myself,
7.4d    but signed and entered by Councillors Gist and Screech
7.4E    on 28 JUL 92.

7.5    The Court refuses to acknowledge the Councillor's charges.

8a    My contention is
8b    that the foregoing renders this Court
8c    an inappropriate location for the impartial dispensation of Justice.

Tim Wilmot.


The truth was that we had realised
that we were dealing with a corrupt system.

By "we",
Tim Wilmot means:-

Caradon District Councilor Tony Knott,
Callington Portreeve Jeremy Gist,
Cornwall County Councilor Roger Screech,
and himself.

The problem was never the quality of the evidence,
but how to access a system
that refused to act upon the evidence,
according to their own law.

It was plainly obvious to the four of us
that the Court was not acting on it's own -
was not independent and impartial.

Tim Wilmot's method of demonstrating this,
was to challenge the Court
to a duel by placard for over six months -
a challenge they consistently declined.

Having stated the truth in public,
right in front of the Court,
the Court prefered to ignore the truth,
and stick their heads in the sand.

Surely, that says it all?

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