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Solicitor Carne backs Tim Wilmot

NOTE:- Caradon District Council Chairman Eric Distin
appointed Vivian Carne to investigate my allegations
immediately after Distin and the Vice-Chairman, Paer-Gotch,
dropped everything at an hours notice to rush to Callington and meet me.

As the letter makes clear,
Carne felt that the Planning Committee decision of 03 OCT 88 should stand.

In other words,
that all of Hartridge's internal manipulation of the planning process should be set aside.

And an outside solicitor does not recommend that unless something is plainly wrong.

Carne's letter was discussed at a secret meeting of  Caradon's Emergency Committee -
which consisted of:-
Chief Executive, David Newell,
Chief Planning Officer, Alan Hartridge,
Solicitor to the Council, Michael Tolley
( the very three officers Tim Wilmot was accusing of lying ),
and the Chairman of the Council !!!

Very unbiased.

The committee very conveniently keeps no minutes,
and merely reports as and when to the full Council.

Had Eric Distin not tried to help Caradon
by lying in order to try and secure criminal convictions on Tim Wilmot,
Tim Wilmot would have never had the pleasure of shredding him in open Court
( an experience Distin will never forget because Tim Wilmot dislikes liars,
and Tim Wilmot easily proved it ),
during which he revealed the existence of the Emergency Committee.

So Tim Wilmot was rated an 'Emergency'?

But hold on, Tim Wilmot thought Caradon were saying
that all of his allegations were "entirely without foundation"?


R.Hancock & Sons, Solicitors, 9 Fore Street, Callington, Cornwall. PL17 7AA
30 NOV 93

Dear Mr Wilmot,

1a.    Referring to our recent telephone conversation,
1b.    when you asked me to confirm the background to our discussions
1c.    which took place in November 1991,
1d.    I have since had an oportunity of refreshing my memory from my file of papers.

2.1a.    Mr Eric Distin had telephoned me to outline the matter briefly
2.1b.    and subsequently, Mr Tolley saw me to explain the background more fully.

2.2a.    It was explained to me
2.2b.    that there was ongoing dispute between yourself and the Council
2.2c.    in relation to planning matters
2.2d.    and I was being asked to read through the Council's files,
2.2e.    with a view to entering into discussions with you on
2.2f.    behalf of the Council to see whther some solution could be found to the problem.

3a.    I think it fair to say
3b.    that the Council wanted an independent view of the matter
3c.    and felt at the same time
3d.    that you would appreciate having discussions with someone
3e.    who was not directly involved.

4.1a.    As you know,
4.1b.    it was not possible to resolve anything
4.1c.    in spite of a lengthy discussion between the two of us.

4.2a.    You may remember that I told you at the time
4.2b.    that I had reached certain conclusions having read the Council's files
4.2c.    and that I was prepared to make recommendations to the Council
4.2d.    to the effect that in so far as your planning application was concerned,
4.2e.    you should be somehow restored to the position you were in
4.2f.    following the decision of 3 OCT 88.

4.3a.    This would probably mean a fresh application,
4.3b.    for which I felt you ought to pay no fee.

5a.    I think your feeling was
5b.    that this would have been all very well had it happened a couple of years previously
5c.    but because of what had happened subsequently,
5d.    you were determined to press ahead with your claims.

6a.    I see from my file that I did subsequently write to you in December 1991,
6b.    in relation to a possible approach to the Ombudsman
6c.    with regard to your complaints
6d.    but you indicated that you were not interested in raising the matter with the Ombudsman's office.

7.    I think this summarises matters as best as I can.

yours sincerely

Vivian Carne


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